Construction Law
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We are experienced in representing building owners, subdivision developers, general contractors, subcontractors, bonding companies, and design professionals in construction law claims involving contract, performance, and construction disputes. We have represented numerous clients in issues pertaining to Change Orders, delays and contract compliance. We also assist clients in:

  • Bid Disputes
  • Mechanics' & Materialmen's Liens
  • Bond & Surety Claims
  • Dealing with Government Entities

Contractor Hearings

We represent clients in matters coming before the Arizona Registrar of Contractors, including issues pertaining to regulations and contractor licensing. We also represent clients in hearings before the Office of Administrative Hearings in connection with payment and performance issues regarding residential and commercial structures, including:

  • Contract Noncompliance
  • Workmanship, Departure from Plans and Specifications, and Violations of Building Codes or Other Laws
  • Payment Disputes

Construction and Soil Defects

We represent both plaintiffs and defendants in construction defect claims, including those due to poor workmanship by contractors, design defects, material failures, subcontractors' or material suppliers' defaults, departures from plan specifications, and building code violations. We also assist clients in damages claims pertaining to expansive soil problems.

Construction Litigation

Our firm provides services to both plaintiffs and defendants in construction litigation, including surety defense and insurance defense. In addition, we are able to assist multiple plaintiffs in suits against the same builder, such as in construction defect claims.

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