Estate Planning
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The East Valley Law Firm provides clients with representation in estate planning; estate and probate administration; business succession planning; and trust and estate litigation.

Estate Planning

We carefully craft wills, revocable living trusts, durable powers of attorney, and advance directives (including living wills, medical powers of attorney, and mental health powers of attorney). We understand that every client's situation is unique and tailor the client's estate planning documents to accomplish their objectives.

Probate Administration

Probate administration is the legal process where the court oversees the administration of a deceased person's estate, paying off any debts and taxes and distributing the remaining assets in accordance with the decedent's will, or if the decedent died without a will, in accordance with  Arizona's intestate succession laws (see Article 1, Chapter  2).We handle estates of various sizes and complexities, ranging from modest estates to estates involving sizeable assets, business interests, and interests in real property located in several states.

Trust and Estate Litigation

On occasion, trust and estate disputes arise that cannot be resolved outside of the courtroom. Disputes may arise in many situations, such as when parties claim there is an undiscovered or later will, the will or trust instrument fails due to lack of a necessary element, or parties claim a gift or trust was procured by fraud or other illegal means. In such cases, our firm has the experience to assist you in trust and estate litigation, including will contests, interpretation of estate planning instruments, management and accounting disputes, trustee or executor removal, and trust termination proceedings.
Business Succession Planning
Our firm can help when a family business is being sold or when a family member is contemplating retirement. We formulate strategies for the sale of a business, with sensitivity to issues of control of the business and family dynamics, as well as potential income, estate, gift and other tax advantages.

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